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    iB Language Classes make Urdu Language learning journey precise and fun. It is our endeavour to provide meaningful yet comprehensive language content to all of you. 

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    Why Learn Urdu Language?

    Are you interested in Urdu literature and poetry but fail to understand it until someone who knows the language explains it to you? Or you use the translation techniques to know the meaning of Urdu words. Well then, it is time to join an Urdu language course in Jamia Nagar Delhi to try to unravel the mysteries behind Urdu poetry and literature yourself. Apart from that, when you visit South Asia, the knowledge of Urdu can come in very handy.


    If you are thinking about ‘where to find Urdu classes near me’, then you have clearly stopped at the right place. Here at iB Language classes, we teach you Urdu right from the basic level so you can fluently speak; beautifully write and easily learn the Urdu language without facing any hassles. Not only Urdu but perhaps you are also interested in any other language like Italian or Korean, then also you can approach us for the short courses which are tailored as per your needs.

    Learn at Your Comfort- Online/Offline

    At IBL Classes, you have option to learn any language at your comfort. We offer both offline and online classes. Our language expert are proficient on providing you online classes too. If you prefer online classes, here is why it can help you.

    The popularity of Online Urdu Language Courses

    Urdu courses offered on digital platforms have become immensely popular among language enthusiasts all over the world nowadays. Why? Read on to know the reasons:


    • Online classes can be accessed from any place and at any time;
    • You can learn the Urdu language in Hindi or English, as per your comforts;
    • The course is structured strategically to ensure students get an overall knowledge of Urdu language;
    • Native speakers and experts in the Urdu language are the ones who usually take online Urdu classes;
    • You can actually enroll yourself in an Urdu certificate course online at minimal costs.

    A complete Urdu learning course for the beginners

    When you join any online class, you will be provided with ‘Urdu: the complete Urdu learning course for beginners’ pdf files that will contain necessary course materials for practice and also for better understanding. It will include:

    • Urdu grammar;
    • Urdu vocabulary;
    • Urdu letters and words;
    • Spoken Urdu- popular phrases, daily conversations and much more.

    How to join a ‘Learn Urdu’ Course?

    You just have to find a suitable institute like iB Language classes to get in touch with them to know the online Urdu courses offered besides information on class timings and fees etc. Once all is in accordance with your requirements, you can attend the demo classes that are offered. If you find Urdu language course worthwhile, you can get enrolled and enjoy a unique learning experience.


    Why should you opt for Urdu Courses offered by iB Language Classes?

    • Our courses are extremely cost-effective;
    • We offer demo classes free of cost to those interested to learn the Urdu language; We make useful online resources available to students;
    • We are available to help our students 24*7.

    So, what are you waiting for? Do call us or drop us an email to know more about our Urdu language course as to how you can avail this service.