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    iB Language Classes make French Language learning journey precise and fun. It is our endeavour to provide meaningful yet comprehensive language content to all of you. 

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    French Language Levels & Fee Structure

    6 Levels | Duration: 2 to 3 Months each Level

    Level Fees
    Level A1 ₹15000
    Level A2 ₹15000
    Level B1 ₹15000
    Level B2 ₹20000
    Level C1 ₹20000
    Level C2 ₹20000

    Why Learn French Language?

    Are you willing to manage some free time out of your daily routine and want to utilize that while learning something useful? Then, why are not you trying out the French language course in Delhi from experts? iB Language Classes, the most-effective French language institute in South Delhi, India is presenting you something that is truly exclusive for the enthusiasts.

    As the expert says, French is the 5th most widely learned language in the globe right after English. Therefore, speaking this language can help you flourish your career in the international job market. Speaking French will bring you some unexpected benefits and which include the following:

    French certificate program for greater career move! Let’s check practically how availing of French classes in South Delhi, India can benefit your career. If you learn French properly, then you are eligible to apply for the jobs announced abroad. This language is not only allowed in France but also it’s widely spoken in the flowing countries:

    • Switzerland
    • Belgium
    • Different parts of Canada
    • People from a large number of African countries

    Learn at Your Comfort- Online/Offline

    At IBL Classes, you have option to learn any language at your comfort. We offer both offline and online classes. Our language expert are proficient on providing you online classes too. If you prefer online classes, here is why it can help you.

    Online language courses for higher education:

    If you are being really busy with your schedules, then iB Language Classes can keep it easy for you by arranging their accredited French courses online. French is considered to be a carrier of artistic tradition. And, there are hundreds of people willing to explore this particular language. They usually focus on attaining further help to pursue higher education in French universities as well as business schools.

    Know their culture with French language course PDF:

    Once you complete the French language certification in India at iB Language Classes, you will remain abreast of the multiple perspectives. The experts always find that every language is associated with its culture and heritage. Therefore, French has also something to offer to the learners. Now, you will gradually start admiring the life of the people in France, the way they live, the way they express their emotions, and mostly the food habits of the inhabitants and much more.

    French A1 course online free to enrich travel experience!

    Of course, the obvious reason for learning foreign languages is to understand the people who live there. It’s tough to articulate things without knowing the meaning of it. Well, theaccredited French courses online from India will help you to communicate with native speakers whenever you travel to those places. It lets you take the entire essence of travelling as well.

    However, along with French language online course with certificate, learning some other languages like Spanish or Arabic can give you a new perspective to understand the vision of the people from other countries.

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    Interested individuals can now take a tour of the French language course in south Delhi with fees at iB Language Classes as they structure it from beginner to expert level labelling A1 to C2. Try out these online French classes in India to get versed in French!