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This institute is good for arabic language and i learn a lot of things regarding Arabic language. The faculty member is best in sense of experience and helping nature.


Imtiyaz Khan

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It is the best institute for learning languages (Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian English, Turkish etc) and its fee is very cheaper than other institutes.


Hassan Khan

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amazing faculty and always helpful for students.. It is the best institution for learning foreign language, their faculties are really awesome and cooperative. I am a student of Arabic language and i learn under the guidance of Kafeel sir, he is the best teacher for me, he helps me a lot to learn and understand the Arabic language, and the director Ashique ilahi sir is very hardworking and humble. I suggested this institution to all who want to learn foreign languages.


Ravi Giri

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this institute is amazing and their teaching skills and and way to help with their language material sources are best for beginner who wants to learn language and I’m studying spanish this institute best ever for me.and I’m not saying only for spanish also for all languages they teach because I have met all the teachers and i know there friendly behaviour the most impressive thing is they know importance of time and money.❤️


Mr Afzal

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 I am Amaresh Chandra Mali from Ranchi have completed my Italian Language Learning course from IB Language classes of New Delhi India. It was a great joy for me to come all the way from Ranchi by searching in the Google to study the Italian course. The fee structure is minimal amount in comparison to other institutes here in Delhi. There are almost 12/13 international languages are like Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Pharsee, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and so on. Apart from that there are also other professional coaching classes is being provided. I am really satisfied with the course and staff gives hundred percent support and teach the students as per their requirements. I request the students to go and join the IB Language courses and enjoy your study.

Mr. Amaresh Chandra Mali

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 It is the best institution for learning foreign language, their faculties are really awesome and cooperative. I am a student of Arabic language and i learn under the guidance of Kafeel sir, he is the best teacher for me, he helps me a lot to learn and understand the Arabic language, and the director Ashique ilahi sir is very hardworking and humble. I suggested this institution to all who want to learn foreign languages.

Gulnaz saifi

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 I would like to thank iB language classes and their staffs and faculties & to their motivations and their cooperation..personally I would like to recommend all to join this great place to learn any foreign languages of the world because this is the best institution for foreign languages. Anyone can get help improve their for a language learning skills without paying a single penny 50 Weeks Ago

Mahe Rooh

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 Best place to learn Spanish. Ashique sir explains everything in a clear way, so that you can understand easily and fast. If you are thinking to learn Spanish, I will always recommend IB Language Classes for best experience of learning.

Zainab Ali

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 ib language classes has good teachers they are very polite and always support the students and motivate all students.IB language classes teachers provide new topic on daily baisi and also provide GD classes. I am taking English class now , my English is better than before.

Shifa Khan

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 If u want be a good english speaker and want to be the fluent join iB language classes. Fees is very reasonable and environment is very good to learn any language . They are very supportive . This is my personal suggestion to everyone who are looking for the best language classes.

Nikhat Yasmin

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 IB language classes is the best platform to access foreign languages learning. Also provides a good environment for students who want to known the world through the language...Thanks


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 Ib language institute is undoubtedly the best institute for foreign languages i am very happy to choose it to improve my English skills with very knowledgeable and experienced teacher Mr. Majid ali who always guide and support me. I strongly recommend people to come and learn here .


1637047245 Reviews Photo 6

 Absolutely perfect IB language institute in this area. The teachers are very good here. the way of teaching is really nice .This institute has the perfect sitting arrangement and is very well in my opinion. It is a very good palace for the new learners and you get amazing environment.

Sana Ansari

1637047299 Reviews Photo 7

 Hi all Before starting my career in MNC I have joined Ib language English class to improve my proficiency English . That’s was my great decision ..that helped me a lot though out my professional life ..without having a good proficiency in that will have to face many problems...

Moohzama Shuza

1637047356 Reviews Photo 8

 Language is the main source of communication and it can give us more opportunity to communicate to the world. Learning a language is fun now it become more easier to learn. I would you like to recommend to learn a language and roam around the world and get most out of it more opportunities and more scopes to earn money.

Rahnuma Fatima

1637047475 Reviews Photo 10

 One of the best classes to learn foreign languages at an affordable fees. They provide you with a better learning environment and the best faculties. who is a very supportive and proficient trainer. Opting to join IB classes to learn foreign languages is a wise decision.

Sujata Mishra

1637047647 Reviews Photo 13

 My name is Asma Abdullah. This is best place for learning English and other languages like Spanish arabic etc. I searched many institute but it always disappointed me. They misguide their students but here the teacher of this institute teaches very well with clear concepts. Mr. Aashiq Ali sir who motivates their students with loving and warm hearted..I m lucky that found this place for learning English spoken classes. Thank you

Asma Abdullah

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 This is the best place for foreign language classes in Delhi NCR. My experience with the institution is appreciable. Teaching methods is different, used multi dimensional technics. its faculties are well qualified and experienced. Learn with fun is true picture of iB language classes.

Sana Khushal

1637047872 Reviews Photo 16

 I was well trained here, the faculty who really gave me a brilliant shape of listening, writing and speaking In English, which supported me to be the part of HCl technology .I appreciate and recommend every one to join ib language class for all languages.

Fiza Usman

1637047957 Reviews Photo 17

 I have joined IB language class for Arabic language and I am doing my classes under the guidance of Kafeel sir. He is very good & humble and very cooperative teacher he helps me a lot to improve my Arabic language in written I recommend every one to join iB language class for all languages.

Sidra Khan

1637048035 Reviews Photo 18

 I have learned Arabic there and found very good place ..only in three months learnt too much as compare than other classes. Now its easy at my college because of this class. all the faculties are very active and responsible. Love to attend classes there.

Gulista Sayyed

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 iB language classes is the best institution in Delhi NCR for learning foreign language, their faculties are the best, co-friendly and co-operative. I suggest all of you to join and learn foreign language. Today, I am earning more because my foreign language Arabic. Thanks best regards My self.

Neelam Chauhan

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 This is a best place to learn new language , here facility is very helpful and they have different techniques to teach new language.

Priyanka Bhatiya

1637048422 Reviews Photo 23

 It was a wonderful experience exploring a beautiful language such as Arabic with this institution... The teachers were outstanding and the language was well taught.


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 Believe me guys this place is the best for foreign language services in terms of language classes, translation services, home tuition, online classes, etc. Very nice ambiance to learn.

Hafsa Syed

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