Any communication will not be effective unless the audience perceives the messages in the same way the speakers wants to convey. The audience must be able to decode the messages by connecting the language. Meanwhile, in some cases, speakers encode messages in the language that listeners are completely unfamiliar with. Here the role of interpretation service becomes crucial in that particular juncture.

At iB Language, we are renowned interpretation service providers. Whether you are in search of Onsite or On-Demand interpretation service, we are your one-stop destination

We Render Interpretation Service that Suits Your Needs

We understand the importance of accuracy in interpretation service and never leave any stone unturned in maintaining that. We are committed to delivering you world-class interpretation services that should cater to your specific needs while letting you become highly satisfied. We assist you to engage in a one-to-one conversation, communicate to the world, participate in the conference, or others, and so do we provide you with the best-in-class solutions.

We have a group of highly trained and qualified interpreters who possess unmatched skills in their horizon to provide you with the best possible assistance. If you are a business owner, you must be familiar with the importance of communication in making your business prosper and succeed. We can help you in this arena. With the multiple language pairings, we can help your business communicate effectively whenever it’s necessary.

Types of Interpretation Service We Provide

With our wide range of interpretation services, iB Language aims to provide tailor-made solutions to match the needs and expectations of every client.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the best option for large meetings or conferences where two or more than two languages need. The process of the simultaneous processis highly complicated compared to any consecutive interpretation. In this, our professionals and specialized interpreters sit in a fully isolated area and listen to every word of the speaker using headphones and translate these in the same way.

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation is our other specialization in the interpretation service. In this, our professionals use simultaneous interpretations when it comes to delivering various large-scale conferences or events. Our interpreters are familiar with using high-class equipment to perform their jobs with total efficiency. They present every word in the same way that had been spoken.

Consecutive Interpretation

It’s the most appropriate option for small meetings, events, conferences, etc. If you need to engage with one-to-one discussions, then the consecutive interpretation is the right option for you. It provides a fully personalized and discrete service that lets you conduct your business smoothly and also with great efficiency.

Why Choose iB Language for Professional Interpretation Services

We are the most preferred choices when it comes to reliable partners for professional interpretation services for various reasons. Take a glimpse at some of them.

• Group of highly qualified and professional interpreters
• We maintain high standards
• Hire interpreter service quickly with fewer formalities

Our interpreters have mastered the art of blending approachability and professionalism. They possess superb skills and vast experience to handle the job of consecutive interpretation brilliantly.


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