Foreign Language FAQs

Great!! Once you are pre-minded to learn a language so hear you go and read all the  foreign-languages-faqs because its very important to before you start. Might be almost all the doubts you will get cleared here only then contact to the concerned person to ask the detail.

Ans. All those people who are willing to work in corporate world or government sectors, applying for Visa, going for further studies, research etc. looking for jobs, want to enhance or upgrade their job profile or salary, want to teach, want to get good marks in Graduation or certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma or want to learn a foreign language for hobby.

Ans. Yes We agree there are so many language institutes are in Delhi NCR, but We have observed a quick rise in number of these institutes. Teaching quality Languages is not their purpose, they only want to attract students, We warn you to stay away from such institutes and join only language institute, if you really want to learn Languages Now, there are some parameters, you need to check, before joining any language institute: Ask about Qualification and experience of the Faculty, who will be teaching you. Don’t forget to inquire about his Language levels and other degrees in respective languages. Do ask for demo class. It is your right. If any institute does not offer you demo class, it means, either it is very confident about their teachings or they have fear, that students might get to know about their low quality teachings before paying the fees. Do read negative reviews on Google and other social networking sites. Recently we have seen few new language institutes earning 30-40 five star reviews and lot of appreciation within one week of their existence, which is impossible. It takes months for the same. So, paid positive reviews are possible. Do read the negative reviews and see, what do the unsatisfied students say about the institute and its teachers. Check the website of the institute. This is something, which almost everyone ignores. They just read google reviews and take admission. Never do that. Go through its website, read the content and see how dedicated they are for Languages. Read about their courses, teachers and other important things. Check the study material used by the institute. Make sure, you will be taught by international study material,

Ans.Of course! We request our potential students to take a demo class first. Your personal satisfaction matters a lot to us. There will be a demo class prior to start the batch. that demo class will be taken by the same teacher, who will be teaching in that concerned batch and it is absolutely free for you. Once you are satisfied with the demo class, you can register yourself for the batch. In the very first class, one starts reading, writing and speaking. We understand the value of your hard earned money and want you not to throw your money and time for the things, you do not like.


Ans. Taking admission is simple: Attend the demo class (Optional) Pay registration fees. Submit the required documents (Copy of ID Proof, 1 passport size photo, registration form) You can pay the full fees at the time of registration or on the date of commencement of the course.

Ans. You can pay your fees via: Cheque Online transfer Cash Paytm, googlepay,phonepe,

Ans. We will of course help you in finding accommodation and PGs. We don’t charge even a single Rupee for that. Neither from you, nor from PG owner.

Well, that is totally your wish. We can not force you to come far from your home but here are the reasons, why coming to us is still a better decision:
No other institute can make you complete A1, A2 in 3 months.
We prepare you for the advance level examination, hence,
you save money in terms of exam fees.
No other institute will cover so many study material in course.
You have to memorize a lot in other institutes
whereas here you need only to understand.
By the time, you will get prepared for A1 exam,
our students are ready for their B1 exam.
You might be happy that you have saved rupees
thousand or two and few kilometers, but at the same time,
you have lost the real understanding of the language and lot of time.

Good question and we would love to answer this.
So, here are the reasons:
Highly qualified and experienced Teachers
Best reason is We are only dedicated to The Foreign Languages.
Our self-prepared study Materials.
Maximum use of paper in the classroom, .
Special doubt sessions
Special speaking classes
Special Story classes
Mock tests
Special vocab classes
Save time with our intensive batches
Affordable fee structure
Our unique method of teaching, which we have gathered after years of teaching and research in the teaching field.

But let us define the word ”GUARANTEE”.
If you attend at least 95% of your classes and do 100% of your home assignments, then we take guarantee that, you will surely get the result at any cost.
Guarantee does not mean that, you will only physically present in the class and do not do home assignments and after the completion of the course, you will go and sit in the exam and will clear the exam like magic. You also have to work hard with us.

Ans. Yes definatly we give certificates at the complition of the course
Certification can be done by two ways:
Certification from Embassy: once you pass the exam. This certificate has world wide recognition.
Certification from iBLC: once you complete your course with us. you can go for higher education and work in corporate world.

Ans. No problem. You can attend your registered course one more time within 90 days of your first registration.For example,
you have enrolled yourself for A2 but because of some reasons, you missed the A2 or missed the big chunk of classes in A2.
Don’t worry. You can again join A2 within 90 days of your first registration, provided there is a running A2 batch.


You have to pay the fees according to the levels.
you can pay in 2 installments maximum.
but for english one time payment only.


Yes we do have refund policy at our institute for the ease of the students. We have a strict Fee refund policy. Kindly do read the Fees refund policy before paying the fees or registration fees in our registration form at the time of admission. The registration fee is strictly non-refundable.


Good question. We are always few steps ahead. We have our own beautifully designed syllabuses of all the courses by our expert trainers you will see here at IB
we follow the stratigy learning by doing activities.
We can bet, if any other institute could provide you the same in this price range.


No. You don’t have to repeat your last level or to pay any extra fees for doing the next level with us. But you have to write one placement test, which can assure us that, you will be able to deal with the next level with us,


It all depends on the level, you want to do.
The Common European Framework of Reference for
Languages has divided the whole language into 6 levels:
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
you can complete A1 in 2 months,A2,in 2 months B1 in 2 months
with good understanding and knowledge.
B2 will take you around 3 Months and C1 will take you another 3 months.
In short, if you want to do till C1, it will take 11 to 12 Months.

“A man who is ignorant of foreign languages is also ignorant of his own language.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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