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    TOEFL Test Preparation and IELTS Preparation Online to Migrate Abroad

    IELTS exams have been taken more than 30 million times since they were first introduced in 1989. An incredible 60,000 people take the IELTS exams weekly on average. IELTS can assist you in making your test-choice decision. Indeed, IELTS is the only test that is recognized today by foreign countries if you want to migrate abroad and need to present an English language proficiency test. Our IELTS Online Test Prep guides you to score the best marks and clear the test through the best suitable IELTS preparation online from the comfort of your home.

    Select Universities, Colleges, and Academic Institutions Accept IELTS Only

    Considered one of the best English proficiency tests for academic study, IELTS is remarkable because more than 11,000 universities worldwide will acknowledge and accept your IELTS scores. IELTS is probably going to be helpful wherever you wish to study.

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    “A man who is ignorant of foreign languages is also ignorant of his own language.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    Real People Create the IELTS Questions, and Real People Mark the Answers

    We know that taking a test might be a nerve-wracking experience for you. For you to perform as successfully as possible, our examiners make you feel at ease. With IELTS preparation online, your English is evaluated by a human being rather than a computer since you converse with real people. Our amiable examiners are well-trained, will hear you, comprehend your accent, and award you the appropriate marks. Other tests rely solely on computers. Actual people will grade your IELTS test. Book IELTS preparation online to get started right now.

    Get a Tailored TOEFL Test Preparation Course Online to Help You Achieve Success

    To help you get your desired TOEFL score, we would like to assist you in improving your English. Additionally, our experts assist you with achieving the subtotal reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores that you desire. Our exclusively planned sessions offer strategically designed preparation methods for students who need a 26 or more on the speaking component. Additionally, our TOEFL test preparation sessions will enable you to achieve a writing section score of 24 or higher.

    Lastly, we would like to assist you in preparing for careers as EFL teachers. Such EFL instructors will be able to study these classes to help them improve their English skills before they are certified to teach abroad. Our TOEFL test preparation course online provides additional practice in the primary skill areas of hearing, reading, speaking, writing, and grammar.

    Why iB Language Classes?

    You are not alone if you are getting ready for the TOEFL or IELTS. Every year, almost a million people take these exams worldwide. To be accepted into college programs in the United States and several other English-speaking nations, a strong performance on these exams is the main prerequisite.

    But getting ready for this test can be challenging. You may be unfamiliar with the format or unsure how to arrange your study. You may have already taken the test but weren’t satisfied with your results. We are available to help you. We do everything in a very unique manner and ensure the understanding of every aspect of IELTS exam. Book our TOEFL test preparation course and IELTS preparation online for assured success.

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